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The Mindful Mermaid is a local business operating in Maui, Hawaii. We offer a full range of mermaid experience classes to suit different ages and ability levels, as well as professional photo shoots and mermaid themed merchandise.  Our classes aim to educate people about the techniques and joys of swimming in a mermaid tail and how to navigate safely underwater. But it goes deeper than that. We believe that mermaids should be ocean ambassadors and positive role models.  It is our mission to offer uplifting, positive, educational classes that build confidence and comfortability in the water.

We have a deep love for the ocean and are committed to making responsible, eco-friendly choices to reduce our impact and protect what we love. In our classes you’ll learn interesting facts about Maui’s sea life, about the importance of ocean conservation and ways that you personally can make a difference. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations dedicated to protection of marine species, coral restoration and education.

Get to know our lead instructor, Sara Ferguson

Our Instructor

Sara Ferguson has been teaching since 2013 and specializes in working with children.  As we like to joke, “Kids are her superpower!” She has taught CPR and Emergency First Aid, Water Rescue, Scuba as well as Snuba classes, and is a real live mermaid. Sara has helped thousands of people become more comfortable in the water leading activities in the ocean and the pool. She always seems to have a smile on her face and knows a plethora of kid jokes. Sara strives to be a kind, gentle instructor who moves from the heart. When she’s not teaching classes with The Mindful Mermaid, she works as a professional photographer and loves to be a traveling mermaid swimming through the world’s oceans with incredible wildlife like dolphins, sharks, stingrays, even whale sharks. As an ambassador for the ocean, she uses the footage from these adventures to inspire others to love and protect the ocean and its inhabitants. 


See her work as a professional mermaid on Instagram as: @the.mindful.mermaid


Sara Ferguson, The Mindful Mermaid, doing shark conservation work in the Bahamas. Sharks in real life are very different than the way media portrays them. Sharks are not monsters. They don’t chase or bite, because humans are really not on their menu at all. Sara strives to show a more accurate representation of sharks through her water art. Photo credit: Made in Water Photography
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