Private Mermaid Appearance

Give the gift of a meeting a real live mermaid, a magical experience they are sure to remember always!

Meet a mermaid on the beach and visit with her before she swims away into the sea.

High quality photos and special gift from the mermaid included! From $249

For Bookings, call or text us directly at (808) 495- 2757

Imagine you are a little kid again. Your parents bring you to Hawaii for a vacation.

During one of your outings, you walk down to the beach and find a mermaid who has swam up onto the sand. She smiles at you and you become fast friends.

You build sandcastles together. She tells you stories of the ocean and you tell her about your favorite pair of shoes and what it’s like to have feet.

When you leave, she gives you a gift from the sea. You treasure that gift for years, keeping it as a reminder that magic is real and mermaids do exist.

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