Professional Mermaid Photo Shoots in Maui

Always dreamed of being a mermaid? Become one for the morning and have photos to prove it! Choose from our selection of realistic tails and accessories or bring your own! Indulge in a private photography session with one of our professional photographers and receive stunning photos of yourself as a mermaid! We offer land based and underwater photo shoots in a safe and quiet environment in West Maui. You’ll be leaving the island with professionally edited, high resolution images to share with your friends and family.

Professional Land Based Mermaid Photo Shoots

Perfect for beginners and those who have always dreamed of being a mermaid. No experience necessary!

After selecting a mermaid tail and accessories, you will have the opportunity to pose at a beautiful outdoor location overlooking the sea near Lahaina. Our photographer will provide you with posing techniques and tips.

All of the original photos from the session are yours to keep, along with your choice of 10 professionally edited shots!

Seastar Special: Bring your bestie along on a land based shoot for just an additional $75! *Offer not available for underwater or adventure shoots, other fees apply.

Professional Water-based Mermaid Photo Shoots

Already comfortable underwater? Ready to take things to the next level? After evaluating your ability level in the water, our professional photographer will organize a personal photo shoot that aligns with your objective and comfort level. With tips on diving down, posing and maneuvering techniques, our photographer will help you look like a true mermaid in your very own unique underwater images.

All original photos are yours to keep. After the in-water session, you may view your images and choose up to 10 you would like professionally edited.

Adventure Mermaid Photo Shoots

Looking for a truly magical backdrop? Up for hiking and exploring? Let’s take the tail on the trail to a unique location and create a photoshoot straight out of a dream. Adventure Mermaid Photo Sessions involve a drive to the quieter side of Maui and a short hike to an epic backdrop! Choose from Sunset Tidepools large enough to float and swim in, or a jungle waterfall set in paradise! We know of multiple waterfall locations to choose from! We will discuss options and shoot ideas during your tail fitting meeting. These outdoor exploratory sessions take between 3.5 and 6 hours, depending upon the adventure of your choice.

All original photos are yours to keep. After the adventure session, you may view your images and choose up to 10 you would like professionally edited.

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Our Next Available Photoshoot Date is: February 15, 2023

Please email us to setup a photoshoot on dates that are convenient for you beyond that date.

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