Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are your mermaid experience classes?
A: Our Beginner Mermaid Class and Advanced Mermaid classes are about 1 ½ hours long, with most of the time in the water, and our Mini Mermaids program is half an hour long.

Q: What days and times are the classes?
A: Beginner Classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mini Mermaids are at 8am and 9am. Beginner Classes are at 10:30am, and 1:00, Advanced Classes are at 3:00pm.

Q: How much are the classes?
A: The Beginner Mermaid Class is $129 and includes tail rental and expert instruction. Upgrade to the underwater photo package with a mermaid keepsake bracelet for $159.

The Advanced Mermaid Class is $129, with underwater video and photo package upgrade available for $159.

The Mini Mermaids half hour program is $89, photos included.

Private classes are based on length and are $100 per participant, per half hour, photos included.

Q: Are the classes in the pool or the ocean?
A: Courses are held in the pool.

Q: Can boys or girls participate? Adults too?
A: Yes! Our mermaid experience classes are a fun activity open to anyone over the age of 4. We’ve had several mermen absolutely rock a tail! Our classes are often frequented by children, but there is no maximum age. This is a great fitness activity. We have adult tails in a variety of colors.

Q: Are there any requirements for joining a class?
A: Yes. For the Beginner Mermaid Class, participants must already be competent swimmers, comfortable in the water and over the age of eight. Students will be required to demonstrate swimming skills before entering a mermaid tail.

To enter our Advanced Mermaid Class, you must have already completed our Beginner Mermaid Class.

Because the Mini Mermaids program is not a swimming class, children need only be over the age of 4 to participate.

For private classes, no prior swimming experience is required, although you must be comfortable in the water.

Q: What can I expect from The Mindful Mermaid classes?
A: Our top priorities are your safety and enjoyment. We hold open structured swim classes in a safe pool environment with attention to detail and fun. Expect to learn mermaid techniques & tricks as well as facts about sea life and conservation in an intimate group size. (Max group size is four)

Q: Will I get my own tail?
A: Your instructor will size you for a tail that is yours to use during the class. You may select from our many tail designs and colors to purchase a tail after completing your course.

Q. How do I book a class?
A. Classes can be booked online at , or over the phone at 808 495 2757.

Q: Do you do private classes?
A: Yes! We do private classes and private photoshoots! For scheduling reasons, these may only be booked over the phone at 808 495 2757.

Q: I’ve read all these FAQs and still have a few questions, can I contact you?
A: Please do! We’d be happy to answer your questions via email at: or by text at 808 495 2757.

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