Beginner Mermaid Class

Our Beginner Mermaid Class is for all genders, ages 8 and up.

The class is about ninety minutes long. First, there is a safety instructional briefing about mermaids, mermaid swim skills and Maui’s ocean life. After the briefing, you must pass a quick swim test showing you are comfortable in the water. If you can’t swim with two legs, you’re not ready to swim in a tail!

Once you enter a mermaid tail, the fun begins! Our instructor guides you through basic mermaid skills, swim techniques and mermaid tricks.

To join the Beginner Mermaid Class, you must be over the age of 8 and a competent swimmer, comfortable swimming with your face in the water.

Class Size: Four students per instructor.

Gear Provided: Goggles or Mask, swimmable mermaid tail.

Required Paperwork: PADI Medical questionaire and Liability Release.

Provided with Package Purchase: High quality digital images and a mermaid keepsake bracelet.

Too Young for This Class?

Try our Mini Mermaids Class for ages 4 and up! Because little people want to be mermaids too!

Ready for More?

After sucessfully completing our Beginner Class, you are ready for our Advanced Mermaid Class. Going beyond the basics means going deeper and learning advanced skills and tricks!

Looking for a Private Session?

Looking for one-on-one instruction? Have trouble swimming but still want to be a mermaid? Looking for a class without the poolside audience? Or do you want something special limited to just your family? Our private classes are catered to accomodate your comfort and ability level.

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